Peace Books

Mohandas Gandhi once said, "Our thoughts become our words as they become our beliefs; our beliefs become our actions as they become our habits. Our habits become our values as our values become our destiny." We aspire to help make our destiny peaceful by helping the people of the world think peace. We provide entertaining peace books, videos, games and a robust collection of resources.

In addition to our own titles, we catalog relevent literature that is not affiliated with We also help you find the best children's books about peace, inspiring peace quotes, poems and short stories.

Outside the scope of reading, we offer an ever expanding directory of charities, as well as studies and information. If you are looking for images, we have a gallery of peace signs and symbols. We even offer information on how environmentalism ties in.

World Peace Through Books?

world peace through books

It is important to note that we do not support the censorhip of any literature, simply the promotion of literature that encourages peace.

Ordering from us not only supports PeaceRead.ORG and keeps us online, it provides work for the publisher who prints the book, and the delivery worker who drops the title at your door.

In addition to stimulating the economy, we help support other organizations. PeaceRead.ORG donates 15% of the proceeds from each PeaceRead.ORG title purchased to one of several rotating peaceful organizations.

So by ordering one of our titles you are stimulating the economy and acting as a philanthropist for multiple organizations. All you have to do is read an enjoyable and entertaining story.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill